Being strangled by debt? Tired of being squeezed by the BIG banks? The Law Offices of Counselor Chen can help! We help regular people overcome their bills by offering comprehensive legal services including:

Snake with money
  1. Debt Defense
  2. Debt Settlement
  3. Bankruptcy
  4. Budget Management

Counselor Chen is an experienced, dedicated, and fierce defender of consumer rights. When the bill collectors come for you, make sure you don't just have another attorney, make sure you have a Counselor: Counselor Chen.


Are you being harassed by creditors? Do they call your family, friends. and neighbors? The Law Office of Counselor Chen can put an end to this immediately.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the most effective way to stop garnishment and protect your family's income. You’ll receive comprehensive advice from an attorney that understands and cares about your financial situation.

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy will stop debt collection lawsuits immediately. Filing a Chapter 7 will also prevent your creditors from placing a lien against your home or from garnishing your hard-earned wages.

  • Make Your Creditors Answer to Your Attorney
  • Obtain a Federal Court Order Discharging Your Debts
  • Start Over Debt Free
  • Signed a Bad Contract? It’s History
  • Free Up Money for Living Expenses

Behind on your mortgage or car? Owe the IRS taxes? Chapter 13 Bill Consolidation is a way for you to keep your property without sacrificing necessities like food, electric, water, etc.

Chapter 13 is designed for people with regular monthly income from a job or retirement. Chapter 13 stops credit card interest from piling up and consolidates all of your debts into smaller affordable payments. In most cases, you can cut your monthly payments by a half and get yourself out of debt in 3 to 5 years. If you're afraid of a bank foreclosure or repossession, Chapter 13 can help you keep your house or car.

Foreclosure Sign
  • Keep Your Property
  • Stop Foreclosure and Repossessions
  • Pay Creditors Pennies on the Dollar
  • Spread Mortgage Debt Over 5 Years
  • Recover Garnished Money
  • Start Over Fresh

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